The Success Blueprint program will help you develop self-leadership so you can live a balanced, happy life at your full potential.

Our unique program provides the Framework, Attitude, Skills and Tools (F.A.S.T.) to achieve dreams, promises, legacies and life changes which previously seemed “impossible.”

The highly supportive and high accountability aspects of the one year group coaching program helps participants achieve sustained results, which is difficult to achieve 99% of the time.

Key outcomes

This is the program for you if you desire any or all of the following:

  1. increased financial freedom;
  2. more satisfying family relationships;
  3. improved health and wellness;
  4. work that utilizes your potential;
  5. greater life balance;
  6. deeper spiritual connection;
  7. more happiness;
  8. clarity regarding your life purpose;
  9. to unleash your potential;
  10. to leave a wonderful legacy.

A major learning is on how to use one’s energy to become much more productive while achieving key goals and maintaining a balanced Life Wheel, like below. Work, business and personal lives impact each other: the program improves the integration of these life areas, with heightened clarity in each area, resulting in all areas becoming much more balanced.

The ideal life wheel would look like this.


What does your Life Wheel look like? Click here to find out. Then think hard!

Imagine going on your life journey with the wheels on the bicycle or Lamborghini below. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride, isn’t it?

combined jagged wheels

If your wheels are closer to the wheels below, your life journey will be smooth. Very smooth!

 combined smooth wheels

Program participants routinely transform themselves intellectually, emotionally, spiritually & physically on their way to achieving their life purpose.

So you will find clarity from answering these questions:

  1. What three promises to myself or others would I love to keep?
  2. Which of my top three dreams do I still want to fulfil?
  3. What three changes would I make in my life if I could?
  4. If I died tomorrow, what three regrets would I have?
  5. What three legacies do I want to be most remembered for?

And you will find answers to three of life’s most important questions:

  1. “Who am I”,
  2. “What do I want out of life?”, and
  3. “What is my path to get there?”

Other outcomes

In addition, the program will also help you improve significantly in these aspects of your life:

  1. How clear are you about the unique strengths that you bring to the world?
  2. Are you using your talents to their maximum?
  3. Do you live your life in a spirit of gratitude?
  4. Do you have the freedom to take the time off that you wish, travel if you desire, and volunteer for causes important to you?
  5. Do you feel that in the last three years, you have made huge progress in your life—or do you feel you are stagnating?
  6. How well do you understand how your fears might be inhibiting your life progress?
  7. Do you have clarity regarding your purpose in life?
  8. Does how you spend your time match with your life priorities?
  9. How happy are you?
  10. Are you continually growing and developing?


All programs are carefully evaluated in multiple ways, with milestones at the start, mid-point and end-point of every program. This helps you track your progress carefully so that you are sure of getting the results you desire.