BlueprintPal: Your Social Network

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BlueprintPal is the new Google-Everything-Powered social platform for masterminding a balanced and successful life. It’s the social network where you can create the blueprint for the life you always wanted and actually start building it!

Whether you’re a successful professional wondering what’s next in life, or a budding entrepreneur with an unrefined dream, it’s all about looking life in the face and owning what you see.

The Original Blueprint

BlueprintPal is the supercharged, cloud-based version of the original Blueprint Program based on Karim H. Ismail’s book Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future. We’re transforming Karim’s proven transformation system into a much more powerful, seamless and customizable experience and we’re doing it by bringing it online and into the cloud for everyone!

It’s the same fear-facing wisdom and self-leadership method people swear by, only far more accessible, both financially and geographically, as an online group-learning community.

It’s definitely a big overhaul but the metamorphosis will change everything – including the way you, and thousands of others, radically change your lives!

Meet Karim H. Ismail – The Man Who Lived To Blueprint A Better Day


*Karim and his daughter Aliya trekking in the Andes. 

In 2002, Karim found himself living a glorified lie.

For 20 years he thrived in his career, envisioning and managing the construction of breathtaking architectural projects, worth some $750 million (no, not Machu Picchu!).

No doubt a successful professional to the rest of the world, Karim privately suffered a very low quality of life – debilitating back pain, spiritual starvation, alienation from his family and closest friends, and lack of time for anything that actually mattered to him.

Fortunately, the camel’s back broke before his had time to, and he began to change his life with the very blueprinting strategies he refined in his career…the very ones that would become Blueprint Programs and now BlueprintPal. Years later, Karim has gone from hardly being able to walk to the end of his driveway to trekking some of the world’s highest mountains, almost every year.

Karim’s audacious 20-year goal is to help 5 million individuals transform their lives as the architects of their futures by creating and living their Success Blueprint.

And it begins here, with you!

The Only Online Profile of You That’s Actually YOU

Unlike most of the popular social networks we all love to obsess over, BlueprintPal is a place for exploring your truly authentic self rather than perfecting and editing the most desirable one for mass consumption.

The BlueprintPal journey begins by creating a complete private profile of your life and the facets you’ve always been too afraid or disorganized to change.

Think of it as a life-excavation process. Like an archaeologist’s kit, the dynamic platform gives you the tools to dig out and identify the whole buried lot of fears, destructive habits and invisible patterns that hold back your growth and sap your potential.

BlueprintPal helps you track this flow of data for you so you can see AND CHANGE your big picture – challenging and refining both the long-term and day-to-day ambitions in your life-blueprint.

It’s a profile of The Real You. Your strengths AND your weaknesses. No Photoshopped selfies here.

The Only Online Platform Where Even Your Milestones Have Milestones

There’s no sense in going through the trouble of creating a blueprint for anything less than a treasured landmark of your life. Because that’s what your life is – a working, evolving piece of architecture that needs to house your needs, your desires, and the gems of your imagination.  It must also be maintained, of course, and repaired over time.

So that’s why you start with your BIGGEST milestone.  The picture of your dream house, your Taj Mahal. Once you can envision that as a possibility, you’ll have the gusto and determination to construct each wall, each window and staircase, piece by piece.

The Only Social Network Where You Actually Want Others to Stalk You

With BlueprintPal you belong to a community of people who will meet you in the cloud and in the omnipresent Googlesphere to support you every step of the way.

With interactive feedback forums, video coaching modules and a synced database under the hood of your custom workspace, you have a whole community to help you mark your achievements and eventually transcend the trappings of your old life path.

You’ll have a BlueprintPal Certified Coach from a selection of amazing leaders who help change people’s lives professionally; your BlueprintPal MasterMind Group listens and brainstorms great solutions to your problems, and your BlueprintPal Buddy lends you an empathetic ear and a helping hand when you can’t quite gain your footing in moving forward.

The Only Online Platform Where Sharing Is A Real Conversation

The presence of “passive sharing” is redefining communication in the present day. We all throw ideas out into the ether without a second thought and dialogue is often replaced by a stream of “Likes” of “Reshares”.  With this quantitative approach to communication there isn’t much room for substance between people.

BlueprintPal is a haven from this ocean of disconnected statements. A safe social place for building your life story. Harnessing the easy and expansive power of share-portals like Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and Google+, our members have meaningful conversations with each other on the most essential questions of life.

The Only Social Network Where What Matters Is How Much You Like Yourself, And Not How Many Times People “Like” You

You will never cringe at what someone might find on your BlueprintPal profile. It’s a safe space where everyone is equally vulnerable, and equally themselves. You have the freedom to be you. We give you the accountability of a community with no judgement. Your BlueprintPal community will support you no matter what.

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