Bob Petruska

Bob is a consultant, presenter, trainer and author. His speciality is sprouting new mindsets. He blends techniques together to create a fun and engaging experience.

A gifted facilitator, Bob takes participants through a fun and engaging improvement process that rapidly delivers significant results. By opening spaces for people to innovate, pent up creative energy is unleashed quickly, and changes which normally take months literally happen overnight!

Bob has the exceptional ability to inspire you to want to achieve greatness. His hands-on approach allows participants to have fun while learning and helps reinforce the concepts and ideas being presented. Bob’s enthusiasm and exciting style engages a wide variety of audiences and participants.

Customer Testimonials:

  • “Bob’s facilitation skills are great!  He made us work through the issues, and knows when to step in with enthusiasm and passion for improvements.”
  • “Bob helped by asking questions until we came up with a better way.”
  • “Bob made the principles easy to grasp, and coached us through getting stuck.”
  • “Bob makes things come to life!  He is full of energy, very knowledgeable and smart.   I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”
  • “My expectation was totally different, and I thought this was going to be hard. It was meaningful and fun!”