All day long, we’re faced with choices. Do I stay indoors because it’s cold – or do I bundle up and go for a walk? Do I apply for that new job – or play it safe and stay put? Do I grab an unhealthy snack – or do I wait a bit to get home and eat a healthy meal?

These choices, big and small, define the results we have in our lives.

Last year, after leaving her position as CEO of an educational foundation that provided scholarships to young women in the Middle East, my spouse was faced with a huge choice.

Should she get a job that brought in a good steady paycheck, but one that would likely not be as fulfilling as her newly re-discovered passion for providing educational support, where she knew she could make transformational impact?

Or should she set up her own foundation, to serve a broader population, even though she had no money, no in-country partners, no university affiliations, no board, no students and no charitable status?

She decided to make a very high risk choice, because she felt strongly this was the RIGHT THING TO DO, because it served her life purpose, and because it would allow her to leave a powerful legacy with huge impact. She also decided to set aside her deep fears about this venture, took action and started The Spark of Hope Foundation. In her words:

* * *

“My initial goals were modest. My hope was that by September 2015, the Foundation would be supporting six to ten bright young women.

“Life unfolded differently! Firstly, for the 2014-15 year, we are supporting 25 young women, often from areas of turmoil: from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, the Kyrgyz Republic, Northern areas of Pakistan, and Argentina. We have met our three year target in our first six months! These students are in Bachelor level programs, professional programs like medicine and engineering, Master’s level programs, and one at the PhD level – all attending excellent universities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

“Secondly, I am deeply grateful to not only have a Founding Board, but to have additional strong governance in the form of an Advisory Board.

“Thirdly, we have been able to negotiate multi-year collaboration agreements with on-ground partners. In addition, we are delighted to have university collaborations. Their support and that of on-ground partners results in donor funds being leveraged 1 to 5!

“Fourthly, we have been awed at the generosity of our collaborating partners and donors.

Much work remains to be done. Our goals for 2015 and beyond are to create awareness about the need to fund education at the post-secondary level for bright young women in the developing world; to create a long term sustainable funding model to support the Foundation’s ambitious growth plans; to increase the number of university and partner collaborations; and to increase the number of students in the programs that the Foundation offers.

“I am deeply grateful to all those have been with me through this exciting journey so far!”

* * *

In a recent chat we had, she was musing as to how she could meet her 10 year target of supporting 100 students per year – within the next three years! I have every confidence she will achieve her goals, and next week, I will share with you the 20 key factors she has found essential to making her dreams – and those of students that the Foundation supports – come true.

All the above came about because she made two deliberate choices: to create her Success Blueprint through the BlueprintPAL program; and then to take bold action.

What choices will you make and what action will you take?

If every area of your life is working swimmingly (health, wealth, career, relationships, spirituality, creating impact), then you are likely making some excellent choices every day. Keep it up! But if any of these areas need improvement, then perhaps you could use some help with making the choices that will get you the results you are seeking and a supportive environment and accountability for taking action.

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