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In January 2013, as I was leading a workshop, I shared with participants how the four letter F-word – Fear – so often subconsciously inhibits us from achieving our goals. As the group worked on their top 10 fears (and the beliefs and behaviours related to these fears), I thought hard about fears I still had.

The first one was getting a tattoo, which I got a few months ago – (pain, needle phobia, and the possibility of infection, in case you are wondering about my fear!) – after debating getting one for 10 years. Go figure!

In July 2013, I chose to conquer my huge fear of heights by participating in the CN Tower Edgewalk. Only 356m/1,168ft above the ground! This was Fear 2 of 5, Previously, even climbing to the roof of a house was petrifying!

What did I learn? That FEAR is truly False Expectations Appearing Real. Apart from one moment of utter panic at the start of the Edgewalk, when I desperately wanted to get off that narrow deck, I told myself that I would be ok, that I needed to trust the engineering, and that since no one had fallen off the Edgewalk yet, I was hardly going to start a trend

I also learned that once you conquer a fear in one area of your life, you can use your new fear-busting muscle to make other life changes that you’ve not been stepping up to. I made one such huge change in my business within three weeks of the climb, which I am confident will pay off handsomely.

I was very glad I stepped up to my fear. My gratitude to the many close friends, and the workshop participants, who encouraged me to confront this fear head on!

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