What does your Life Wheel look like? Imagine being on your life journey with the wheels on the bicycle or Lamborghini below. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride, isn’t it?

combined wheels

The first step to a lifetime of balance, fulfilment and happiness is knowing where you are today in all areas of your life. The 50 Question Life Scorecard will help you easily pinpoint your current situation, in 10 minutes or so. Think of it as a FREE 50 POINT PERSONAL CHECK-UP. Begin your journey to a highly fulfilling life today.

Discover where you’re having the greatest challenges in your life, from your weakest areas to your strongest areas. You’ll get an overall score, a section-by-section score and access to detailed responses for every question.

The assessment will enable you to quickly analyse your life in eight different key areas:

  1. My relationships
  2. My career and work
  3. My finances
  4. My health and wellness
  5. Contribution to the world
  6. My spirituality
  7. My living environment
  8. Planning for my future

So, Get Started now! And as a bonus, completing this first quiz will give you access to two very powerful assessments!