Last week, I shared with you a very high risk choice that my spouse made last year in order to achieve her dream of empowering young women to become tomorrow’s leaders. She had to set aside some key limiting beliefs she discovered she had been carrying, she took action and she started The Spark of Hope Foundation.

She recently shared with me 20 factors that she believed were important to her success, and which anyone can use to propel them towards their goals.

  1. Have a big dream or audacious goal – and write it down.
  2. Be clear about WHY this dream or goal is important – to you and the world.
  3. BELIEVE that you can do ANYTHING you set out to do.
  4. Commit firmly to moving forward – let go of fear.
  5. Get started – one step at a time.
  6. Be consistent in taking action.
  7. Do not strive for perfection – instead, seek to improve every day.
  8. Enlist and engage external support – by sharing your vision, asking questions, seeking input.
  9. Be BOLD. Take risks. Occasional failure is a healthy sign you are on the right path.
  10.  Plan carefully – but throw out your plan if things change, as you learn new things, etc.
  11. Aim for small successes at first – then leverage these into bigger successes.
  12. FOCUS on a clear niche or problem you are trying to solve/improve.
  13. CARING for PEOPLE is key [in her case, partners, donors, students, volunteers, universities, donors].
  14. Communicate regularly and often.
  15. Hard work is essential – think about your time, commitments, distractions.
  16. Be resilient – there will be ups AND downs, like a roller-coaster.
  17. Use technology smartly and wisely – get help if needed.
  18. Beware of self-imposed limits – the Universe is bountiful and abundant.
  19. Always be clear about your Vision; be Planning; be Executing; and be Reviewing.
  20. Maintain your health and life balance. HAVE FUN on this journey! And cherish your growth.

What dream would you still like to fulfill? Use this checklist to help you get there.

Over the last four weeks, some of my readers made an important choice: they took action by deciding to enrol in BlueprintPAL so that they could more clearly define their dreams and goals, and craft a path to achieving them on a sustained basis. I commend them and look forward to their participating in the program.

What action do you need to take to achieve your dream?