At the end of each month, ask yourself these KEY questions:

1. What have I accomplished this month? (my Wins!)

List everything you did accomplish. Celebrate and compare against intended results.

2. What did I intend to do that did not get done, and why?

Acknowledge any lack of success and understand the reasons why

Sub question: What is the gift or blessing in not having accomplished what I set out to do?

3.  What opportunities are available to me right now?

There are always opportunities available in this abundant world. Sometimes, we just have to think hard.

4.  What are the breakthrough results I intend to achieve this month?

To get to your intended goal, it is essential that you make progress in small steps along the way. It is also important not to confuse activity with results. Yes, activity often precedes results, but keep your eye on the results you want to achieve, and try to make the results as big as possible. Think carefully about the words “breakthrough results I intend” above.

5. What do I promise myself to accomplish next month?

List the results or outcomes you wish to achieve, and ensure that you have included them with as much as detail as possible.

This hour of reflection, celebration, learning and planning for the next month is one of the best things you can do for yourself.