You are possibly a focused, driven and often overly challenged professional, someone in transition, or someone who simply knows that there is more to life than your current situation. But you may be questioning the purpose of your life, and the impact you’re making in the world. You possibly have difficulty balancing the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your life.

Virtually everyone faces these situations at some point or other in their life. Why? Because like you, they usually lack a Success Blueprint that gives them clarity, confidence and the framework, attitude, skills and tools (F.A.S.T.) to get there.

Session details

Your initial  intensive kick-off session will provide you with:

  1. deep thinking about your life like you’ve likely never done before;
  2. a new foundation for making significant life changes based on Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future;
  3. a practical way to integrate mind, heart, body and spirit like no other program; and
  4. the opportunity to have a Success Blueprint as a constant roadmap.

The highly integrated lifestyle program approach will inspire you in ways you could never have imagined. And your colleagues will inspire you even further!

Year-long program

After the initial session, for the next eleven months, you’ll get together in person or via video conference with other participants for powerful group coaching sessions. These are practical, hands-on sessions to help you keep mind, heart, body and spirit in balance while you focus simultaneously on achieving multiple goals. Why a group format?

  1. You’ll have your own team to supporting, challenge, cheer, and inspire you to reach your goals.
  2. The group’s interest and attention to your goals helps you hold yourself accountable.
  3. The group’s perspectives, experiences, and wisdom are compounded on your behalf, providing a synergy well beyond your own perspectives, experiences, and wisdom.

Sustaining change

Successful, sustainable change occurs when new knowledge is put into practice and is supported by self-awareness, structure, accountability, and community. Your Success Blueprint community will provide you this same competitive edge through an intensive learning platform that provides you with PRACTICAL real-world thinking and tools for planning and building your dreams.

The 12 month program helps you create a Success Blueprint that provides you the opportunity to strategically plan your future to ensure that you maintain the balance you desire so that your health and wellness, your relationships, your spirituality, your contribution to the world, and your financial base all grow as you desire in a sustained manner.