Leadership retreats

“I believe that the faster we want to move in life, the more regularly we must slow down completely to pause, reflect and recharge.”

My belief above may sound paradoxical but . . . executives live busy, often harried lives, as they try to balance work and personal demands. Sometimes, personal needs (health, relationships, spirituality, contribution to others) can fall by the wayside.

How do I know? Through deep personal (and painful) experience. Not so long ago, I was a senior executive, at a very young age, managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects. I was doing what many executives do: running one sprint after another (often back to back, sometimes simultaneously— go figure that one out!). The result: spectacular corporate success. Even more amazing not-for-profit volunteer management success.

I then left the corporate world to became an entrepreneur. I enjoyed some great success, some not-so-great situations. Soon, I had a business on the verge of bankruptcy, I was in terrible health, had failing relationships, lacked spirituality, and was deeply unhappy — the kind of unhappiness that causes you to want to end your life.

I had a life wheel that looked like this then. Go on, take a look. (It has fortunately changed rather dramatically, including business success, dramatically improved health, relationships, spirituality and joy). I wish someone had helped me slow down dramatically from time to time to rethink, reassess, and replan my work and life!

So, with a group of my colleagues from a Fortune 500 oriented consultancy I have been leading (www.Avidium.com), from the lessons created in my book Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future, and from the work and experiences of the wonderful diverse team at Blueprint Programs, we’ve created a unique, one week corporate retreat summarized below. Click here to download a PDF summary.

Leadership Retreat model

What are the results you can expect?

  1. For your organization: a powerful model for SUSTAINED growth. Please see details here: http://avidium.com/why4plus2/.
  2. For each person in your team: much greater balance: http://blueprint-programs.com/results/
  3. For the your entire team: a deeper understanding of each person’s unique strengths and capabilities; and a team that binds really well.

If you and your team would like to develop the Framework, Attitude, Skills and Tools (F.A.S.T.) to achieve your dreams, promises, legacies and changes which previously seemed “impossible”, simply contact me: I’ll show you how our team can help you unleash your team’s REAL potential.

Oh, one last thing. We would suggest a unique location: perhaps one of the locations here?  There are 84 examples from this collection alone. Our travel company affiliate would be happy to advise on other possibilities.

Karim H. Ismail, MBA
Founder, Blueprint Programs
Author: Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future

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