1. I believe that we are infinitely more powerful than we realize.
  2. I believe that we can heal our bodies, transform relationships, and move closer to love, prosperity, forgiveness, success and compassion.
  3. I believe that our thoughts, words and deeds shape our reality and affect our experiences.  That we are co-creators of our lives, and very powerful.
  4. I believe it is profoundly life changing to let go of victim mentalities or habits we carry, and move to a place of power in our lives.
  5. I believe that food, herbs, plants and flowers heal.  I believe that nature heals.
  6. I believe that almost every challenge is caused by a lack of love for ourselves.  If we can learn to genuinely love, appreciate and forgive ourselves, we move to a higher plane in our lives, and release the old, negative and outdated.
  7. I believe in having fun!
  8. I believe that we are all connected to the same source, one that we witness easily in nature or meditation or in relation to someone else, in those moments when we can feel the divine.  These moments have been called ‘the thin places’, when heaven and earth become very close.
  9. I believe that laughter and joy are healing, and can be found almost anywhere.
  10. I believe that life can be like a walking prayer.  A devotion, a conversation and an ecstatic exchange between you and your higher power.
  11. I believe that problems are your golden ticket to a better life.  Only through facing our issues with awareness and compassion for ourselves, can we see how we have been responsible in creating any negativity in our lives.  Once we have awareness, we can begin to change, and when we change our inner world and habits, our outer world must begin to change also!
  12.  I believe that we never stop learning, and these beliefs will continue to evolve along with me.

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Sitara Hewitt