We are blessed to have been able to help many people make huge life transformations. Below is a small sampling of some of the comments we receive.

“I am a veteran of self-development programs. I would rate this program in the top 5% of all the self-development programs ever created. The Blueprint Program changed my life – and the lives of my family. I have achieved a level of peace and satisfaction that I never could have imagined, including moving to a new job and much improved health.” M.S.

“Since I developed my Blueprint, I have landed a new dream job, I am a lot less stressed about life, I am now focused on my goals, my family relationships have improved, and my financial situation is improving rapidly. All in just over a year!” Z.D.

“I had forgotten what my purpose in life was and setting goals was a very fearful thought. After completing my Blueprint, I am re-enrolled in a PhD program while continuing to work full-time and raise my three children. A short few years from now, my educational dream will be fulfilled. Thank you, Karim.” A.S.

“I was able to achieve most of the key goals that I set for myself: travelling around the world; heightened focus on health and wellness; improved finances; fresh perspective on my business. Over the year, I learned to start taking chances and calculated risks; understood the need for prioritizing and better scheduling my life for more balance; decided to let go of perfection but rather, strive for excellence; and put myself “out there” without fear of rejection. These are lessons that will be invaluable to me and my business venture in the next few years!” T.K.

“When I started the Blueprint Program, my life was chaotic. I lacked focus, priorities and planning. I emerged with clarity. I have been able to help hundreds of people achieve much improved wellness. It’s an honour to be called by major newspapers as an expert so soon after I kick-started my wellness practice. This program is the best investment I have ever made in myself.” D.D.

“In one year, I have much more clarity re my contribution to the world; my family relationships have improved dramatically but I want them to be even better; I feel much more at ease and peace with myself; I recognize what I can do and what I cannot and fuss less about that; I love myself again, know I am a great person, and I keep this in mind when I am hard on myself, and when that critical voice is loud; I look only to myself for validation. I have a spring in my step; am transitioning to a new, more fulfilling career in keeping with my life purpose and 20 year goals; am making travel plans again. And I have regained the confidence to start dating again.” F .J.

“Armed with my Blueprint, whatever goals I set, whatever promises I make, I have complete confidence that I will easily accomplish these. The program helped me improve my fitness/health regime, and my work goals, where I have seen huge improvements. I would highly recommend this intensive, challenging program to anyone who desires to live the future of their dreams, as I am living mine.” P.Y.

“Over my 20 year career as a lawyer, the slow gain of a pound or two a year finally caught up with me. As I approached my mid 40′s, I wanted to enter the next phase of my life in better health and with more energy. With the programs’s coaching and nutritional guidance, I handily exceeded my health and fitness goals. My weight loss totalled 80 lbs, my overall cardiovascular risk was reduced and my fitness level is now above average for my age group. The program’s encouragement and support was critical to my success.” P.F.

”. . . A very positive experience that has changed the way I am living my life. In addition to having lost 30 pounds I have learned how to better manage my food intake to achieve a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. The program provides much needed education and guidance but more importantly, is always positive and encouraging, and is fully engaged in my journey. As a result, I have always felt that anything is possible and have accomplished what I thought a few months ago impossible. I have recommenced the program to many of my friends and colleagues.” C.R.