Thank you for completing The Entrepreneur’s Assessment (T.E.A.)

CONGRATULATIONS on completing The Entrepreneurial Assessment (T.E.A.). It’s the first step toward having a hugely successful business that serves your needs. You can click anywhere on the T.E.A. Wheel for detailed scores.

Interpreting your scores:

80% and above – Your business is in very good shape, but there are likely one or two life categories that need more attention and focus for you to have an amazing business
70% to 80% – Your business is generally in good shape, but there are likely two or three categories where you have some significant challenges
55% to 69% – You need to turn around some business categories quickly, as you likely have challenges in 3 or 4 areas
Below 55% – There are many pressing issues in your business that you need to turn around quickly or you may have to cope with significant business issues

Imagine for a moment what your business would be like if your scores were much higher in two or three categories. What if they were higher in ALL categories? What impact would it have on your earnings, growth prospects, impact on the world, and satisfaction?

It is important that in putting emphasis on one or two areas of your business, you don’t lose momentum in other areas of your business – which is very easy to do. A balanced approach over the long term is key to your businesses continued success.

Warm wishes,

Karim H. Ismail, MBA
Founder, BlueprintPAL Inc.
Author: Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future

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