In my post last week, I outlined how fear seeps into us over time, from when we are born to different stages of our lives.

I also examined how people have fear of failure and success, and that this can often paralyze us from moving ahead in our lives.

So how do we come to grips with our fears, and learn to embrace our fears, because only in doing so can we get to our most challenging goals?

There is a step by step process I will unveil soon, one with which that I usually start-off my workshops (see

Below I have listed some common fears. You may have one or more of these, or you may have some other fears.

Take a blank piece of paper. List YOUR top ten fears (in order). Be candid with yourself. That’s it for now!
1.Animals (including insects, mice, snakes & spiders)
8.Enclosed Spaces
10.Heights Rejection
13.Losing control
14.Losing independence
15.Losing love
16.Natural disasters
17.Not measuring up
18.Old age
19.Other people’s opinions
Keep this list handy: in the next few weeks, you will learn how to embrace your deepest fears – and from then on, you will become unstoppable.

How do I know? Because I see it happen every day as I hear from people who work through their fears! After 10 years of seeing this, I am supremely confident that this new thinking will work for you too!

And because once I embraced my fear of heights (click on the image above), I was able to use this newly developed thinking muscle to achieve huge success in other areas of my life!