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On November 9 and 10, 2013, a small group of participants will participate in a highly hands-on program brought to you in collaboration with Spa My Blend Clarins, winner of the 2013 World’s Best Awards list as the Top Hotel Spa Overall at The Ritz-Carlton, TorontoToronto’s only 5-Diamond award winning hotel.

To download a brochure for the program, please click here.

Who Should Attend:

Here are some questions to think about:

  1. Do you desire improved health, wellness, fitness and mindfulness?
  2. Do you desire more balance in your life?
  3. Do you have deep, untapped potential?
  4. Do you lack clarity about your life purpose?
  5. Does how you spend your time match with your life priorities?
  6. Are you using your talents to their maximum?
  7. Do you have all the happiness you desire?
  8. Do you live your life in a spirit of gratitude?
  9. Are your fears inhibiting your life and work progress?
  10. Do you want more control over your future?

Or perhaps you’d like clarity from answering these questions:

  1. What three promises to myself or others would I love to keep?
  2. Which of my top three dreams do I still want to fulfil?
  3. What three changes would I make in my life if I could?
  4. If I died tomorrow, what three regrets would I have?
  5. What three legacies do I want to be most remembered for?

You’re not alone if your answers leave you unsatisfied! But now, you can take an important step by developing your unique Success Blueprint. Through this intensive, hands-on experience, you will gain the Framework, Attitude, Skills and Tools (F.A.S.T.) to keep your promises, achieve your dreams, make the life changes you wish, avoid regrets, and achieve your legacies. 

Why You Will Benefit:

You will learn how to increase your success at work or in your business, work more productively, reduce stress, and do what you love, while maintaining harmony between your work and personal life. And you’ll learn to do so while achieving improved health, wellness, fitness, energy and mindfullness. 

Unsure whether you’d benefit? Just create your Life Scorecard here. Look at your life wheel. Ask yourself: “Is this the life I want to continue living?” If not, sign-up or connect with us, and we’ll help you create the life you really want!

Lead Facilitators

khi-portrait_001Karim H. Ismail, MBA is founder of Blueprint Programs, a series of group coaching programs focused on self-leadership.

He is also the author of Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future. His programs are based on the thinking, tools and techniques he developed over 20 years of successfully managing multi-million dollar architecturally unique buildings and many years of intensive personal search after his life took a nosedive. His programs have fuelled dramatic change for hundreds of people.

He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management MBA program.

SitaraHewittactress_croppedSitara Hewitt is an actress, host, mother, energy healer, yoga teacher and motivator.

Her work encompasses mind, body and soul and helps equip you with a well rounded, personalized approach to enjoying a more fulfilling life, in every area.  Sitara focuses on empowering her clients and assisting them to “get out of their own way.” She teaches techniques on letting go of negative thinking and behavior so that instead of sabotaging ourselves, we can employ tactics that help us progress, feel better and soar each day. Reprogramming our thoughts with positive affirmations, information on how to detoxify and strengthen our bodies and energy, and ways to connect  to a greater wisdom and intuition will all be covered. Her compassionate energetic coaching style ensures that everyone is engaged, and has fun!

Sitara was the head of the expression program at the Toronto film school from 2003-2005. She is an in-demand speaker, frequently profiled in magazines. Sitara is well known for her starring role on the international hit show ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ airing on CBC, and in 90 countries worldwide.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a written plan that will help you design the future you want, achieve the success you desire, and give you far more growth and control over your life
  2. Obtain an answer for the tough life question, “where will I be in 5, 10 or 20 years?” Discover how a balanced life IS possible, with time for self, family and friends
  3. Learn to overcome the biggest obstacles to achieving consistent progress and to maintain constant success in an easy, graceful manner.

Topics Include:

  1. Top 5 to 10 fears: Confront fear, the most important factor that stops most people from achieving their goals, and learn a unique way to embrace your fears and use them as your springboard for success
  2. Beliefs: Examine what your limiting beliefs might be, and how you can adopt empowering beliefs and new behaviours to catapult you to your goals
  3. Values and strengths: Clarify your core values and strengths to build a solid foundation for defining your ideal work and life outcomes
  4. Life Purpose: Draft your life purpose to make informed decisions leading to a fulfilled life
  5. 20 year audacious goals: Learn how three to four powerful 20 year goals can help propel you every year to huge achievements
  6. Three year goals: Develop inspirational three year goals
  7. Achieve ANY Goal: Learn a powerful way to achieve personal and organizational goals in a manner that builds on SMART goals – but goes much further, much faster!



  1. Take advantage of the special Seat Sale pricing- while spaces last – only $750 for the two days!
  2. This is a hands-on course. Laptops or tablets are required for this program.
  3. Attendees will have access to a Blueprint Planning tool that they will be able to use during the session to begin building their personal plans.
  4. Some pre-course work is required and will be sent out about two weeks prior to the workshop.

When you sign up for the program, you will be eligible to stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto for one or more nights of your program at a special rate. So why not stay at the hotel and make your program a great immersion experience? Click here to check room availability. Then contact the hotel for your special rate code.