Are we what we eat?

Can dietary changes boost your health?

In late January 2016, I found myself in a health dilemma. I had been on an antibiotic for nine weeks, with no results. The specialist wanted me to continue for another six weeks on the off-chance the antibiotic would work.

But being on the antibiotic had messed up my digestive system, and I was uncomfortable and in constant stomach pain despite severely curtailing what I ate and taking constant doses of probiotics.

Time: foe or friend? Part 6 of a 10 part mini-series

Myth 6: I can’t function without my To-Do list
Yes, you can! Scary as it seems, the world won’t fall apart. I should know.
Since I was 6 years old, I’ve been a prodigious list maker. I was an early adopter of every to-do software, and as my lists got longer, with more projects involving others too, I started creating sophisticated Excel spreadsheets.

Time: foe or friend? Part 5 of a 10 part mini-series

Myth 5: I don’t have time for breaks, let alone vacations!
The reality is that you do.

Our best ideas rarely come to us at our desks or in meetings. Instead, they come to us when on a walk, in the shower, before, during or after meditation – and on vacations. Simply put, all the times when disconnected from work!

Time: foe or friend? Part 4 of a 10 part mini-series

Most people have a hard time saying NO to the many requests for help that come their way. They don’t want to appear rude. Dr. Vanessa Bohns, assistant professor of management sciences at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, says. “One of our most fundamental needs is for social connection and a feeling that we belong. Saying NO feels threatening to our relationships.”

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Karim’s beliefs


  1. I believe there is limitless opportunity for growth and expansion in our lives and in the world. The only barrier to growth is us.
  2. I believe that we all appear on earth with a purpose. Finding and living that purpose is our noblest calling.
  3. I believe that the faster we want to move in life, the more regularly we must slow down completely to pause, reflect and recharge.
  4. I believe that each of us has a powerful light within us. When we let that light shine, we illuminate the world. This light helps us co-create our world, making our most audacious dreams possible.
  5. I believe that it is possible to live every day in flow. Connected, peaceful, and stress free.

Do you have balance?


What does your Life Wheel look like? Imagine being on your life journey with the wheels on the bicycle or Lamborghini below. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride, isn’t it?

combined wheels

The first step to a lifetime of balance, fulfilment and happiness is knowing where you are today in all areas of your life. The 50 Question Life Scorecard will help you easily pinpoint your current situation, in 10 minutes or so.


You are possibly a focused, driven and often overly challenged professional, someone in transition, or someone who simply knows that there is more to life than your current situation. But you may be questioning the purpose of your life, and the impact you’re making in the world. You possibly have difficulty balancing the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your life.

Virtually everyone faces these situations at some point or other in their life. Why? Because like you, they usually lack a Success Blueprint that gives them clarity, confidence and the framework, attitude, skills and tools (F.A.S.T.) to get there.